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The renewed fight for women’s rights has been empowering and inspiring to be part of. We want to declare our support for this movement with feminist merch, too, but we also need to make sure the women making our feminist merch are being treated fairly.

Introducing our gender equal tote bag project, ahead of International Women’s Day 2017.

We commissioned Sydney artist Caroline Walls to create a gender equal print for us. We then recruited Freeset, a certified organic cotton and fair-trade production company based in Kolkata, to make and print these tote bags. Freeset is pretty special: it employs and upskills women who have been saved from Kolkata’s sex slavery industry. Freeset is currently working on its Gateway Program; a building at the entrance to the red-light district which will provide health care, accommodation, and support to women still trapped in the sex slavery industry.


Why is supporting gender equality in the fashion industry so important?

75% of garment workers, worldwide, are women, and they are often subjected to unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and forced contraception, and often have to leave their communities, their families, and their children – their support structure – to work in garment factories. In the developed world the fashion industry has an important role to play in the fight for gender equality, too. Whether it’s unhealthily-thin models walking down the runway, the latest ‘women’s interest publication’ shaming female celebrities for their bikini bodies, the latest seasonal trend being the waist-trainer, or the fact that even diversity is often tokenistic, the fashion industry creates this kind of idealised, impossible superwoman, when it should be celebrating female-identifying people in all of our diversity.</p> 

Read more about gender equality in fashion in our Gender Equality value section.

These tote bags will be couriered to customers no later than 1 March, 2017.

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