Rest easy in the knowledge that the people who made the clothing you buy from this value are treated the same way you’re treated: with minimum wages; safe working conditions; voluntary overtime; and freedom of association. In order for a label to meet the requirements of this value, its' manufacturers must be accredited with a globally recognised, independent certifier – no dodgy audits here! Read more about the importance of fair fashion here.


168 million

There are 168 million child workers, aged between 5 and 14, in the world today. Source: The International Labour Organisation

6 million people

Over six million people, from producers, to farmers, to workers and their families, in 70 countries benefit from the independent Fair Trade system. Source: Fair Trade Australia

A Living Wage

If workers were to be paid a living wage, the production cost of a t-shirt in Bangladesh would increase from about 50c to 80c. Source: Baptist World Aid

50 cents

On average, a factory worker will receive 50 cents for every $100 pair of trainers he or she makes. Source: Clean Clothes Campaign.