Minimal Waste

On average, every person in Australia throws out 35kg of clothing every year, and the brands which make it can be just as wasteful. Luckily, the brands in this value are using new tech to upcycle, recycle, and reduce waste. In order to meet the requirements of this value, 70% of the label's products have to be made-to-order, made using minimal-waste pattern-making, or made in a process in which the label is actively reducing effluents, and recycling water and electricity. It’s all about minimisation, and you can find out more here.

Minimal Waste

$550 million

Australian send $500 million of clothing and textiles to landfill every year, which is 30kgs per person, on average. Source: Council of Textiles and Fashion Industries of Australia


We purchase 400% more clothing today than we did 20 years ago. Source: Forbes


On average, we discard 30% of clothing after we've worn it once. Source: Ecouterre

20% Wasted

On average, for every metre of fabric used for clothing, 20% is discarded as waste. Minimal waste pattern making avoids this. Source: Shaping Sustainable Fashion: Changing The Way We Make And Use Clothes

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